Practice-Based Coaching

Campfire Coaching

Maximize support and accountability with a practice-based-coaching cycle leading towards continuous classroom improvement. Campfire Coaching is an ongoing practice-based coaching cycle of three important stages leading towards continuous classroom improvement: Learn and Plan, Implement and Practice, Debrief and Reflect.

Campfire Coaching practice-based coaching

Teachers, Coaches, Administrators, Families    Onsite & Virtual     English & Spanish

Help educators learn how to effectively prevent and respond to challenging behavior in the classroom

Increase educator confidence with knowledge, skills, and small group support

Improve classroom behavior with the help of effective coaching

100 %
Said Campfire Coaching helped them learn to deal with challenging behaviors
97 %
Said Campfire Coaching increased their confidence
96 %
Said their coach was highly effective
88 %
Said Campfire Coaching helped them improve their children's behavior

My coach was engaging, straightforward, personal, patient, considerate, caring, mindful.

My coach was amazing! She would teach the objectives needed and then allow us to ask questions if we needed to."

This program has helped me to step back and just breathe and look at things differently.

Campfire Coaching has made me more self-aware of how I respond to situations.

Additional Options

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