Happy classrooms start with happy teachers

Challenging classroom behavior is the single biggest issue for early childhood teachers today. FirstDay Learning is on a mission to create happy, confident teachers who cultivate happy, inclusive learning environments where all children thrive.

Happy teachers promoting prosocial behaviors with children in ECE classrooms

Who We Serve 

From the company's origins, to our mission, to the way we do business, FirstDay Learning is all about people. They're why we love what we do and why our clients love working with us.

Why Now

Decades in the field, countless focus groups, and thousands of classroom observations have shown us that teachers are desperate for speedy solutions to their biggest cause of stress: challenging behaviors in the classrooms.

Teachers are hurting. Stress, burnout, and frustration are leading to higher staff turnover than ever before.

Behavior problems are teachers' top concern. Teachers report that managing classroom behavior is their biggest daily challenge.

Inclusion is a critical challenge. Inclusion benefits everyone, but teachers feel unprepared to support exceptional learners.

Everyone is overwhelmed. From paras to directors, everyone is operating at maximum capacity, and then some.

Why FirstDay Learning 

FirstDay Learning's science-based programs help everyone impacted by problematic behaviors build more responsive classrooms from day one. 


Designed by experts in the field of human psychology, our solutions combine trauma-informed practices, self-care strategies, and applied behavior analysis.


We're focused on making behavior change simple, actionable, and achievable. 


Our solutions are meant to complement—not replace—any existing strategies or solutions your teachers are using.


Facilitated by former educators who get it, our trainings are fun and engaging with built-in time for teachers to plan.

What Participants Say

Whether we're working with teachers, coaches, administrators, or families, our participants love their experience with FirstDay Learning. Maybe that's because we make people our number #1 priority. 


"Keep doing what you are doing, because you are doing an excellent job, and please come visit us at BCPS...We would love to have this training again, but this time in person!"

Stacy, Teacher


"I loved that I was reminded of a lot of things that were  way in the back of my mind. The information was very relevant- All the ideas we talked about are real life things that we need to be better at as educators."

Shauntrelle, Teacher


"The way the facilitators were so engaged with what we had to say made me feel very comfortable. It was as if you were in our classroom!"

Amanda, Teacher

How We Deliver

We understand that every teacher—just like every child—is unique, with different learning needs and preferences. We offer flexible delivery options and will work with you to identify the solution that's right for your program and teachers.

What the Research Says

If you work in early childhood programs or classrooms, or if you have a child in one, you know teachers are stretched to their limits. The numbers back this up. 

90 %
of ECE teachers experience problematic behaviors (1)
45 %
of ECE teachers are battling mental health challenges and burnout (2)
40 %
is the projected annual turnover rates for ECE classrooms (3)
30 %
of children in ECE classrooms display problematic behavior (4)

1  |  23  | 4 


How can we help? 

Get in touch to learn more about how FirstDay Learning can help you create happier, more confident teachers.