BUILDING Responsive Classrooms from day oneTM


FirstDay Learning provides proactive and reactive solutions to help

educators understand and transform behaviors


Proactive Solutions for Supportive Care:

Creating Responsive Classrooms

Classroom Relationships

Classroom Design and Materials

Classroom Instruction

A Center Wide Approach

Happy Kids

Reactive Solutions for Challenging Behaviors:

A Good Puzzle

to Solve 

Understanding Behavior

Documenting Behavior

Teaching Replacement Behaviors

Ongoing Implementation of

Behavior Plans


Effective Behavior Consultation:

Outcome Oriented Approach

Live and Video-based

Professional Development Trainings

Mental Health and Behavioral Consultants On-Call

Subscription Services and Support

Working together from Day one

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Face to face and online training modules

In classroom resources and supports around responsive teaching

Classroom behavioral observations and behavioral plan development



Functional behavior assessment training

Support in observation and data taking

Collaboration around effective

coaching conversations

Helping teachers, create, maintain, and evolve behavior plans


Administrative training around creating an effective child study process

Helping leaders set an emotional tone for a center

Partnering with families to support children with behavioral needs