Who We Support

Whether you teach in an early learning classroom, support early learning teachers, manage an early learning program, or are a family member of an early learner, we're here to help with science-based strategies for achieving behavior change. 

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To be supportive educators have to feel supported. Our aim at FirstDay Learning is to collaborate with teachers and support them in building responsive classrooms.  We do this by providing easy-to-implement methods and giving teachers the time and space they need to do their best work. 

ECE teacher working with young children
Coach working with two early learning teachers
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As a coach, it's easy to see the importance of a practice-based cycle for implementing new strategies in the classroom. Research shows that knowledge + practice + reflective support is the winning formula for creating change in early childhood classrooms.

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Research shows that quality leadership in early education centers is vital to improving outcomes for children. We help program directors and administrators create a shared understanding of the meaning of behavior with families, educators, and specialists and build collaborative systems that support long-term behavior change. 

ECE program administrator
Mother and father with children in ECE program
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Research shows that when families are more involved in their children's education, everyone benefits, and creating consistency across learning environments has never been more important. FirstDay Learning provides supports to families as they create a common language with the other caregivers in their child's life. When everyone is on the same page, children benefit the most.