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Frequently asked questions
What makes FirstDay Learning different from other professional development programs focused on behavior management?

FirstDay's programs are designed to engage, relax, empower, and support. We know that educators are stretched to the limit, often facing staff shortages in addition to everything else going on in the world. We build our programs around productive preparation and the promise that participants they will leave us feeling more confident and prepared to face the day's challenges.

How does FirstDay Learning prevent challenging behavior in early learning classrooms?

We help teachers prevent challenging behavior by inspiring teachers to cultivate the behaviors they want to see. Designed with a focus on mental and emotional health and trauma-informed practices, our proactive courses focus on four key learning pillars: classroom relationships, classroom environments, intentional teaching, and classroom support systems. Teachers learn evidence-based strategies and receive simple, easy to use method cards to support them in the classroom. 

How does FirstDay Learning help teachers reactively address challenging behavior in early learning classrooms?

We help teachers change behaviors by empowering them with the science of behavior change. Born from the building blocks of ABA therapy, FDL’s reactive training modules are intended to support teachers in responding to persistently challenging behavior. Our reactive courses are grounded in understanding behavior, documenting behavior, teaching replacement behaviors, and behavior support systems. 

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