About Us

FirstDay Learning is an early learning professional development firm focused on challenging behavior and devoted to helping teachers.

Meet Our Team

We may have different specialties and live in different parts of the country, but we're united by a common goal: to give teachers the confidence, insights, and strategies they need to create happy, inclusive early learning classrooms. 

Members of the FirstDay Learning team

Our Mission

At FirstDay Learning we believe that early educators are the keys to making a difference for children. We believe that challenging behavior is the single biggest issue facing early educators today. And we believe we can make a difference by:

Cultivating learning environments that enable all children to thrive 

Empowering providers with strategies to promote social-emotional learning

Transforming problematic behaviors by incorporating research-based techniques 

Addressing implicit bias by supporting educators in strategies to talk about and teach equity

Providing ongoing coaching to parents and providers to ensure consistency of implementation

Reinvigorating early educators and families with self-efficacy and self-care strategies

Working with Us

Get a sense for our approach to trainings in this short video. [Hint: We like to keep things short, simple, and painless!] 

How can we help?

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