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Since 2020, we've worked with thousands of teachers, coaches, program administrators, and families to create lasting behavior change in early childhood education programs. We love hearing from clients about the impact we've had in their classrooms and centers. 

FirstDay Learning client sharing experience


"To be honest, I was dreading the thought of just sitting at my computer and listening to someone talk for 2 days. This training was in no way like that."

Amber, Florida


"I am a seasoned teacher of 35 years but am always open to new ways of doing things and ideas. Refreshing knowledge and reminders of WHY what I do works well and how to improve those that don’t."

Lilly, Washington


"This is an awesome learning platform, it teaches us how to reflect on ourselves and others to fix problems in the classroom."

Patrice, Louisiana


"These trainings help deal with issues that come up daily in school or working life."

Samir, Kentucky


"The session was very dynamic and well spoken.  Kept me engaged even after a full day of work, not easy to do!"

Elouise, Florida


"Once again, FirstDay did a great job presenting the material.  These are strategies which the teachers can easily put into place in their classrooms."

Cantrice, Louisiana


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