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Behavior Bootcamp

Behavior Bootcamp introduces participants to the mental health and behavioral philosophies that inform more responsive classrooms. Participants will leave with concrete strategies for preventing and addressing problematic behaviors they can action right away. 

Behavior Bootcamp training program

Teachers, Coaches, Administrators    Onsite & Virtual     English & Spanish


Deepen understanding of the causes and sequences of challenging behavior

Increase educator confidence related to challenging behaviors in the classroom

Gain specific, actionable strategies to address and prevent problematic behavior

100 %
Would recommend to a friend or colleague
94 %
Said the training was a good use of their time
94 %
Said they had a better understanding of children's behavior after attending
90 %
Said that activities helped them apply content to their personal situation

“The biggest takeaway that I had from this session is that your behavior can affect others. Sometimes the adults could be the reason a child may act out. We must self evaluate and ensure that our behaviors aren't trickling down to the children.”

“I was so happy your coach could meet each teacher where they were during the program. I had new teachers, and veteran teachers come back and tell me they have a completely different mindset and approach to dealing with challenging behavior in the classroom.”

“This training had a tremendous amount of useful information and was absolutely engaging and informative.”

"As the Director of the Program I was very happy with the trainers and content. It exceeded all expectations. Amazing PD. Thank you."

Additional Options

Explore additional professional development opportunities, each grounded in human psychology and the science of behavior change.