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Badged Courses

Our badged courses provide participants a quick dosage of content on our facilitated online platform. Each course is dedicated to preventing and responding to challenging behaviors and consists of five, two-hour sessions. 

Badged Courses training events

Teachers, Coaches, Administrators, Families    Virtual     English & Spanish

Increase participant confidence in preventing and responding to challenging behaviors

Guide educators to change their own behavior in the classroom 

Empower educators to improve their children’s classroom behavior

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Would recommend to a friend or colleague
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Said their reactions to challenging behaviors changed after attending
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Said their children's behavior changed after attending
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Said they felt more confident after attending

Thank you, thank you! I am a seasoned teacher of 35 years but am always open to new ways of doing things and ideas. Refreshing knowledge and reminders of WHY what I do works well and how to improve those that don’t.

The part I love most was the encouragement to communicate with administrators and the key note you started with, ‘after all they are there to support us.’ Thank you."

I have really enjoyed and learned quite a bit from this week’s lessons. I appreciate all of the knowledge and power you have put in my cache of tools that I will use daily.

"This was a whole new approach to behavior challenges and gave me a whole perspective change- it was actually inspiring- and helped me feel like I have the ability to turn these ‘negative’ moments into mindful moments that lead to positive outcomes and growth."

Additional Options

Explore additional professional development opportunities, each grounded in human psychology and the science of behavior change.