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At FirstDay Learning, teachers come first. 
That's why we've made every teacher's biggest problem our main focus: challenging behavior.

We approach challenging behavior from two directions, with proactive methods & reactive solutions. We want to meet people where they are & make sure that we make a difference, so we deliver content in a variety of ways.  Address challenging behavior proactively, reactively, or both- and choose how you want to start learning.

Our Proactive methods are designed by mental health & education professionals to support a preventative approach to challenging behavior. We help teachers & coaches examine the things that matter most, and provide them with actionable strategies & easy-to-use classroom resources. We focus on 4 key pillars to create a consistent approach to promoting pro-social behaviors: relationships, environments, teaching methods, and ongoing support systems.

Our Reactive solutions are designed by Applied Behavioral Analysis professionals to transform challenging behaviors into readiness for learning. These supports utilize the science of ABA to empower educators in dealing with persistent challenging behaviors.  Our reactive content equips educators with a systematic framework for understanding, documenting, and replacing challenging behaviors.

ways to start learning


2-day event

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Practice-based support



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Modules to fit your schedule


5-part series







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