Training Program: Modules

Reactive Solutions

Introduce participants to to the basics of Applied Behavior Analysis; a powerful tool for examining the sequence of events surrounding challenging behavior. Throughout this series of training modules, participants will reflect on and plan for ways to ensure their efforts at influencing behavior change are long-lasting and well-supported.

Reactive Solutions training modules

Teachers, Coaches, Administrators, Families    Onsite & Virtual     English & Spanish

Increase knowledge and skills for preventing and reacting to challenging behavior

Provide simple, actionable solutions with easy-to-use method cards as a resource

Receive facilitated focused planning time to apply content to relevant situations

97 %
Would recommend to a friend or colleague
97 %
Said method cards were a helpful resource
86 %
Said modular trainings were a good use of their limited PD time
84 %
Said they felt more confident after attending

This was one of the best trainings we’ve ever attended. Very helpful.

Method Cards are a great resource to recall the presentation."

“Gave me the opportunity to think about concepts to put into practice in my class starting on Monday.”

“Trainers were extremely knowledgeable and helpful regarding the range of student needs and importance of inclusiveness.”

Additional Options

Explore additional professional development opportunities, each grounded in human psychology and the science of behavior change.