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Rebecca List Freedman
Rebecca has over 20 years of experience in Early Childhood Education in a variety of organizations and settings. She is experienced in collaborating with leadership from community-based development organizations -- nationally to provide technical assistance and curriculum design to high-need early education centers -- and internationally in assisting schools with social-emotional curriculum development and innovation. Rebecca’s clinical experience is based in Applied Behavior Analysis and includes supporting families and educators in promoting pro-social behaviors. Rebecca lives in Hollywood, Florida.


Michael Royal
Michael has over 20 years of experience in training and education. His focus at FirstDay Learning is scaling operations and understanding and emphasizing customer focus in Early childhood education. He has extensive experience building and managing training and coaching teams, customer success groups, and customer support departments. Michael has developed organizational processes - marketing campaigns - community-based training networks - and international training/coaching events. 


Daniel LaCava
Daniel began his career in education at the University of Virginia, working on the Gates Foundation’s landmark Measures of Effective Teaching Project. While at UVA, Daniel worked closely with the founders of the Classroom Assessment Scoring System, becoming an expert on the observational assessment tool. These were the beginnings of a career that has touched on adult learning, content development, classroom observation, training of trainers, teacher coaching, and administrative consulting. Daniel is based out of Mount Nebo, West Virginia, where he rock climbs with his wife Kelly and their newborn son Henry. 


FirstDay Learning partners with leading specialists in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis to ensure method-based solutions are rooted in the evidenced-based practices.  


Karly Cordova, Content Contributor, Dr. Karly Cordova has 20 years experience in Applied Behavior Analysis.  Her degrees are in Educational Leadership, Psychology, and Human Growth and Development.  Dr. Cordova has consulted in schools, clinics, group homes, and private homes. Dr Cordova has been a Board Certified Behavior Analyst since 2004 and enjoys working as a Professor in ABA programs and presenting at state and local conferences. Dr Cordova resides in Massachusetts.

FirstDay Learning collaborates with mental health professionals to host focus groups, review content and ensure method-based solutions are aligned with most current research in the field. 

Pascale Marie Caballero, LCSW-C is a Clinical Social Worker with medical, foster care/adoption, early intervention, education, psychotherapy, clinical supervision, and program management experience in the Washington Metropolitan area. Previous to becoming a social worker, Mrs. Caballero was a Child Life Specialist, Infant/Toddler Teacher, and Child Care Manager. She has a psychotherapy practice in Kensington Maryland where she sees children, teens and young adults.


Diane Hanek, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Registered Play Therapist/Supervisor, has over 50 years experience working with children and families in child protective services, foster care, adoptions, and child and adolescent mental health (inpatient and outpatient).  She is currently an Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant serving Child Care Centers in Montgomery County MD.


Lynne List, LCSW-C, is a Clinical Social Worker who has been providing mental health consultation to early childhood children, centers and families in Montgomery County Maryland for the past twelve years.  Her prior experience includes serving as the director of the outpatient clinic at The Lourie Center for Children’s Social and Emotional Wellness as well as the Family Services Foundation in New Carrollton, Maryland.  


Janice Ulrich, LCPC, is an early childhood specialist and certified Parent-Child Interaction Therapist (PCIT) for children ages 2-7 with disruptive behavior. In her work as an Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant (ECMHC), she helps children with challenging behavior in public, private and non-profit child care centers throughout Montgomery County, MD. She has a private practice in Columbia, MD where she works with families, children and adults with anxiety disorders. Prior to her work as a licensed clinical professional counselor (LCPC), Jan spent more than 20 years in disability advocacy.

Deborah Greenberg, ESE, Deborah has over 20 years of experience in the field of Special Education. Deborah has been a Special Education teacher in public, private, and charter schools across the country. Deborah has worked as a Parent Liaison for Early Reading First grant programs, preschool programs at charter schools, and has many years experience as an ESE Support Facilitator.