Reactive Strategies for challenging behavior: A good puzzle to solve

Content modules designed by applied behavioral analysis professionals to support transforming
challenging behaviors into social emotional readiness for learning
Understanding Behavior

What is a child's behavior telling us?

  • Classifying behavior by motivation

  • Fight flight or freeze responses

  • Short term solutions for hard moments

Documenting Behavior

The ABC's of behavioral assessment

  • Simple strategies for collecting classroom data

  • Using classroom data to understand and change behavior

  • Creating behavior plans that lead to long term solutions

Teaching Replacement Behaviors

Individualizing instruction

  • Teaching children to self regulate

  • Extinction of unwanted behaviors

  • Differential reinforcement

  • Ongoing supports to increase target behaviors

Ongoing implementation of Behavior plans

Creating a systematic approach for implementing effective behavioral supports

  • Child study process

  • Ongoing monitoring of behavior plans

  • Partnering with parents to generalize behavior supports between classrooms and home