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Reactive Solutions for challenging behavior™  

Content designed by Applied Behavioral Analysis professionals to transform
challenging behaviors into readiness for learning.

FirstDay Learning reactive content utilizes the science of Applied Behavior Analysis to create an unbiased, evidence-based approach to support educators in dealing with persistent challenging behaviors.  Our reactive content helps educators see behavior as a sequence of events and equips them with more effective responses to understanding, documenting, and replacing challenging behaviors.
Understanding Behavior

Seeing behavior as communication 

  • Classifying the motivating factors of behavior

  • Collaborating with families

  • Behavior as a sequence of events

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Documenting Behavior

The ABC's of behavioral assessment

  • Simple strategies for collecting classroom data

  • Using classroom data to understand and change behavior

  • Creating behavior plans that lead to long term change

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Teaching Replacement Behaviors

Individualizing instruction to make rapid progress at changing behavior

  • Helping children get what they need in appropriate ways

  • Differential reinforcement

  • Ongoing supports to increase target behaviors

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Ongoing Behavioral supports

Creating a systematic approach for implementing effective behavioral supports

  • Effective staff & family collaboration

  • Self-assessment & evaluation

  • Applied Behavior Analysis techniques to maintain progress

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