Proactive Strategies for supportive care

Content modules designed by mental health professionals to support the proactive approach of using social emotional learning and trauma informed care to create responsive environments that promote pro social behaviors
Classroom Relationships

Creating classrooms that promote social emotional competence and healing

  • Grounding educators in the present

  • Reframing mindset

  • Increasing teacher confidence

  • Listening to children and recognizing signs of distress

  • Verbal and non verbal communication skills for educators

  • Building a new set of assumptions around behaviors

Classroom Design & Materials


Intentional designs for responsive classrooms

  • Creating equitable, engaging, expressive environments

  • Visual supports

  • Effectively using materials that matter

  • Self assessment checklist of behavioral supports

Classroom Instruction

Tools for the supportive teacher

  • Teaching children to recognize emotions

  • Scripted stories for intentional instruction

  • Play based learning

  • Teaching conflict resolution skills

  • Communication strategies for educators

  • Consistency of self regulation

A Center Wide Approach

Setting a center wide emotional tone

  • Supportive relationships through teacher teams

  • Creating professional learning communities that work

  • Parallel process of support