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Proactive methods for supportive care™

Content designed by mental health & education professionals to support a proactive approach to classroom behavior. Using social-emotional learning and trauma-informed care, we help teachers examine the things that matter most while providing actionable strategies & easy-to-use classroom resources.

Our proactive content focuses on the 4 pillars of a systematic approach to promoting pro-social behaviors: relationships, physical environments, teaching strategies, and ongoing support systems for sustainability. Providing implementable methods and embedded practice and planning across these categories allows educators to learn skills to prevent challenging behavior while also providing them with a space to support their own self-care. Content includes:

Classroom Relationships

Creating classrooms that promote social-emotional competence and healing 

  • Grounding educators in the present

  • Listening to children and recognizing signs of distress 

  • Giving children the skills they need to thrive for life

Kids Blowing Bubbles


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Classroom environments


Utilizing design psychology to harness the power of the physical classroom 

  • Setting up a classroom that promotes positive behaviors

  • Making the most of visual supports

  • Supporting memory & attention 

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intentional teaching

Focusing on what really matters to get the most out of time with children

  • Playing with purpose

  • Removing stigma from negative interactions

  • Taking story time beyond 'author & illustrator' 



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classroom support systems

Building center-wide systems for supportive interactions, from lunch lady to instructional coach to administrator.

  • Prioritizing self-care

  • Being a part of an effective & meaningful community

  • Professional communication methods

A Supportive Hug


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