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"These folks came ready to work"

by Daniel LaCava - Director of Content Development at FirstDay Learning

Just wrapped up a couple of our Reactive Training modules with some friends in Louisiana.

Had a great time helping these teachers apply the essentials of ABA therapy to challenging behavior in their classrooms. These folks came ready to work and their children will soon be seeing the benefits. It’s so satisfying to read through the planning notes and collaborative content the group created throughout our two sessions- hard evidence that we spent our time together well! In a new world full of Zoom trainings and other virtual PD, we’re flattered to hear such excellent feedback from the people who matter most:

“As a coach, knowing about these strategies will help me support the staff.” “It was as if you were in our classroom” “The method cards will help plan and give direction”

Looking forward to our ongoing consulting sessions with these folks as we continue to support them in implementing elegant solutions to difficult problems.

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