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Supporting Early Childhood in the New Normal

Cathleen Armstead of Sunshine Nonprofit Solutions asked our Michael Royal to be a guest blogger and author a post for her highly informative site

We are facing enormous challenges, both known and unknown, as we figure out what “back to the classroom” means in the era of COVID-19 and the accompanying unrest in our neighborhoods. There are multiple stressors impacting children, families, teachers, and administrators as we navigate the changes from the summer and the re-opening in the fall. Early education centers around the country are looking for safe and responsive ways to reopen their doors and these centers need multiple forms of support.


The trauma experienced through COVID-19, the civil unrest, and disruption of our communities, is unimaginable. How do we provide the support for children and their families who have been socially distanced from friends and loved ones for months? Children are away from their schools, adults are away from their work, all are removed from daily, predictable routines, and a familiar schedule. How do we provide support for our teachers? Our teachers are still taking care of our children (especially for essential personnel) while also nurturing and caring for their own families. Re-opening early childhood development centers must happen through the lens of trauma-informed care.

Trauma-informed care begins with relationships. Relationships between children and teachers, teachers with administrators, and programs with families. Every person working to positively impact our families will be faced with complexities arising from this year that have .... link to full post

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