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"I loved this workshop"

So proud of my FirstDay Learning colleagues; just wrapped up another virtual training, helping a group of teachers in Louisiana with best practices in intentional teaching that promote pro-social behaviors with a trauma-informed lens.

Just this week we heard the feedback that this type of instruction is exactly what is needed and nobody else is providing anything close. While I’m sure FirstDay isn’t completely alone in this space, it’s wonderful to hear that we’re filling a void and providing much needed support to devoted teachers everywhere.

A few comments from teachers in the Intentional Teaching session that really resonated:

“I would even take this over again. I will recommend this to my coworkers.”

“I loved the fact that it was interactive throughout the training.”

“I found this workshop very interesting and it was relatable. I loved being able to get some strategies to handle things in the classroom. I loved this workshop and would love to do another one with the hosts.”

“I keep over-using “thought-provoking” to describe it.”

“To be honest, I was dreading the thought of just sitting at my computer and listening to someone talk for 2 days. This training was in no way like that. There were lots of back and forth exchanges and planning sessions. The presenters gave the information in a very engaging manner.”

A heartfelt thank you to the wonderful teachers who participated and shared in the experience. And a tip of the hat to Rebecca Freedman and Daniel LaCava for delivering yet another fantastic training.

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