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For Head Start Programs

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Head Start Funding Increase and The Office of Head Start Guidance on Implementing a Trauma-Informed Approach

For Head Start Programs:

In accordance with ACF-PI-HS-20-02 FY 2020 Head Start Funding Increase and The Office of Head Start Guidance on Implementing a Trauma-Informed Approach, FirstDay Learning can provide the following supports:

Expand Mental Health Services

  • Staff of mental health specialists and behavior analysts that can provide in person and distance based consultations to your program to address challenging situations and make recommendations for specific interventions

Increase Classroom Quality

  • Modularized professional development

  • Classroom resources and supports

Strengthen Family Services

  • Consultative and professional development services which partner with families to improve consistency across support networks for children

Support a Trauma-Informed Workforce

  • Trainings for teachers, coaches, and administrators on creating responsive classrooms and supporting children with a trauma-informed approach

Create a Program-Wide Trauma-Informed Environment

  • Support in creating a child study process and center wide systems

Narrative Language to be used in application grants:

We (grantee) will use the services provided by FirstDay Learning to support our progress towards implementing a trauma-informed approach. We will utilize the proactive and reactive solutions put forth by FirstDay Learning to help educators understand and transform classroom behaviors. We will use FirstDay Learning’s professional development offerings to create and promote a trauma-informed workforce and environment both in and outside the classroom. These goals will be supported in an ongoing manner through mental health and behavioral consultations and other continued consultative support for teachers and staff.

The services provided by FirstDay Learning will promote awareness among staff about the widespread impact of trauma on our children. Staff will develop the skills needed to notice the signs and symptoms of trauma, and will be provided with specific, actionable strategies for responding to children’s needs. This advanced knowledge and improved competency will aid at the program level in decreasing the amount and consistency of unnecessary triggers and unproductive trauma-based behavior.

For additional support in understanding and incorporating FirstDay Learning into your grant application please do not hesitate to contact us at (434) 218-2335 or

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