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Florida HSA Training Series

FirstDay Learning and the Florida Head Start Association have partnered to provide a
monthly training series!
FHSA Members: $127  | Non-Members $ 149

Member Code: WeLoveFHSA21
Need help with challenging behaviors?

Designed with a focus on mental and emotional health and trauma-informed practices, FirstDay Learning’s proactive training modules help teachers prevent challenging behavior before it happens.One participant called these modules “the most interactive Zoom training ever.” Teachers will appreciate FirstDay Learning’s commitment to providing dedicated time in each course for planning how to implement new ideas in their own classrooms.

Classroom Relationships

Our human experience is based on relationships - between things and places, but mostly between people. This session explores the complex interaction between relationships and behavior. Teachers will develop co-regulation skills to create calm in stressful times. Strategies to build confidence, reframe mindsets and promote pro-social behaviors will be presented. Participants can expect to leave with knowledge and skills that will improve all the relationships in their life - not just in the classroom.


Classroom Environments

This session examines the connection between physical environments and human behavior. Teachers will learn research-based strategies for designing classroom spaces in ways that promote positive,
pro-social behaviors and prevent challenging behaviors. In today’s world of uncertain school schedules and learning from home, it is more important than ever to consider the quality of our children’s learning environments.

Intentional Teaching

This session centers on teaching methods to promote pro-social behaviors. Topics will include the Power of Play, the Power of Storytelling, and the Power of Conflict Resolution. Participants will return to their classroom armed with tactics to create more empathic and understanding children who can negotiate and resolve conflict on their own.

Administrator Support 

Administrators set the emotional tone for their early learning centers. When challenging behaviors occur in classrooms, they can stress an already overwhelmed system. In this session, administrators will be provided with some simple solutions to create a systematic approach to promote pro-social behaviors.  Creating this parallel process of support gets teachers, families and the administration on the same page to create learning environments that enable all children to thrive.

Classroom Support 

To be supportive, teachers need support. This course provides teachers with physical, mental, and emotional self-care strategies, because at FirstDay Learning we know that a burned-out teacher can’t help anyone at all. Participants will learn new ways to ask for and receive support, collaborate with peers, and formulas for reaching out to administrators in positive ways.

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